We all love social media and being with the trend, but it is often hard to know what the current trend is! Using Twitter and IBM's APIs, we made a website that let's you search what's trending.

What it does

This project provides a medium in which to view and analyze current trends, topics, and hashtags on Twitter, as well as to view current public mood on a topic.

How I built it

Using Twitter's Rest and Streaming API, we are able to get tweets from a certain time range of a search topic. The website is interactive and allows for the user to search their own topics. After parsing the data, we are able to determine whether something is trending or will be trending. This information is displayed in an interactive chart. Using the IBM's Tone Analyzer, we are able to calculate the emotional tone of a topic at a given time. This is also displayed on the chart. The current popular tweets of a topic are also displayed. A web socket is used to connect the front end, the website, and the backend, the handling of the data.

Challenges I ran into

We had little knowledge about how to use the APIs so it was a learning experience getting to know their documentation and uses. We also never dealt with web sockets before so that took a lot of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of all the learning that went into understanding the challenges faced, as well as the proper implementation of these new skills in our project.

What I learned

We learned about how to use Twitter and IBM's APIs, as well as how web sockets work.

What's next for What Is Trending

Currently a limitation is the rate limit that exists for the Rest API. We hope to use another API to get more data to provide more informative and accurate information.

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