Inspiration - We came in today planing on making a tutr matching app call tutor where students can register to either be a student or a tutor and get matched with others. Then we founded out that not only does this program exists, it had the exact same name. We sat around for two hours bouncing ideas back and forth, but we couldn't help but joke around for most of the time. That's when we realized that we could make a program that allowed ourselves and other the laugh and have a good time, just like we were having. That is when we came up with "What is Really Happening".

What it does - "What is Really Happening" is a fun program, which takes uploaded pictures and turns them into fun little memes. These memes are different every time so one will not get board of what comes up. Although it is not perfect it accomplishes the task it has of being an easy way to have fun with friends.

How I built it - It uses amazon Rekognition, an AWS photo analysis and facial recognition API,to understand what is going on in the picture. From there, if there are people in the picture, it analyzes the emotions of each person in the picture and comes up with a phrase that reflects the emotions that person is expressing. With that it tries to make those phrases into a fluid conversation, but quit often fails.

Challenges I ran into - We had two major challenges, the first with configuring AWS, and the second with callback functions. Implementing the Amazon Rekognition API was not easy, especially because it dose not take a normal .jpeg or .png file, but instead a byte64 array. We spent a lot of time online researching on how to make the conversion from a picture to a byte array, and eventually we figured it out. Our other challenge was returning the data received from the API back to the client side. The method we had to use to get the data gave us an asynchronous error. We had to do a lot of research on callback function and get some help from a mentor to finally figure out how to properly implement the callback functions. These were the most difficult challenges we faced this Hackathon. Furthermore, we found that actually trying to form conversations based on this API would require much more work then we anticipated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We are proud, not only of the work we did here today, but of actually coming out to ProfHacks. For both of this this is only our second Hackathon, and the first outside of our school, so it was a very big day for us both. Additionally, last time we did not even get to finish our hack, so finishing this time was also a major accomplishment. We are also proud of our ability to continue working and staying focused.

What I learned - Today we learned more in the field of computer science, but that is not the main lesson we are taking away from this experience. We learned about how computer science/electrical engineering students can come together from all over and form a community despite barely knowing one another. It is not only something that we will remember our entire lives, but be proud to know and share to the world. In terms of computer science, we also learned much more about javascript and our experience with callback functions further introduced us to the concept of asynchronous programming.

What's next for What Is Really Happening - A goal of today that we were unable to get to was making this hack able to form fluid conversations, so naturally we hope to incorporate that in the next few weeks. Further down the line we hope that this hack can become an app that people have on their phones for entertainment. However as long as we a bringing a good time to the people who will use this that we are going in the right direction.

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