With Increasing globalization, the importance of English is increasing day by day, along with the increase in the demand of quality. Today, we want to be able to communicate properly with each other and if pronunciation used is not good enough, we can't expect a quality conversation. So, my application specifically helps people improve their pronunciation.

What it does

This application helps the person to improve his/her pronunciation. It generates random words and the user can interact by pronouncing it and can also listen the actual pronunciation of the word. Not just this, The app also consists a fun element of having random mute movies scenes appearing when you launch arena. You have to speak the dialogue. If done correctly, it shows the actual movie clip. It can show dramatic improvements while being fun at the same time.

How I built it

I built an Android application. My database will be on the server, currently using localhost as the server. All the videos will be played via the url. The word dictionary has been stored locally in the app which helps generate random words. pHp script has been used to randomize the videos being played.

Challenges I ran into

Major challenge for me was to randomize the videos which had to be played for which I came up which a pHp script. Also due to absence of team mate, had to do this all alone which made my effective speed comparatively slower.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to complete my work in quite some flow and didn't had any major blockers.

What's next for What Is Next

"What Is Next" can be extended from English to other languages like Spanish, French, especially for those who have better affinity with speech recognition. Also, a scoring can be kept which can be used to calculate leaders globally if some special event is carried out or so.

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