It's important to have insurance, but nobody likes shopping policies and keeping track of the paperwork. We created a conversational platform that finds the best coverage for your lifestyle and takes the pain out of managing existing policies.

What it does

What Insurance is the one-stop shop for taking out insurance and managing existing policies. If What Insurance is managing your existing policies, you can change your address or coverage details by just sending a message.

Moving house? What Insurance can suggest home insurance policies and work out the required coverage and options like bike coverage—all in a conversation.

For answering complex questions and taking out specialist policies, a human adviser takes over behind the scenes.

How we built it

We built our conversational AI with Rasa, a framework for chatbots and assistants. Google App Engine powers our serverless backend. Users interact with our bot in a Facebook Messenger conversation, where we use interactive components for a more engaging experience.

We use the Google Maps API for address validation. We also have a very good domain:

What Insurance is platform-independent, but we chose Facebook Messenger for its maturity and interactivity. With a few configuration tweaks it even works on Google Home or Amazon Echo—but it would be rather bizarre to shout car insurance details into a smart speaker.

Challenges we ran into

We thought a lot about regulatory compliance and privacy considerations. Transactions are reviewed and finalised in a secure environment inside a web view, and users can access their contract documents through other channels as well.

What's next for What Insurance

We have solid models for intent extraction, but obviously we couldn’t train them as much as we’d have liked to. The more What Insurance is used, the better it gets!

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