There is plenty of near real-time data available to us from government. We got the idea to make it simple, easy and accessible for the end user to use this data by subscribing to events that happens near the user.

What it does

What happens near me solves the problem of easy distribution of relevant data to the user. For example, when a big traffic accident occurs, the users who live close by will get sms/email about it, so they can act accordingly. The system also offer the option to gather findings and feedback for the police. In case of emergency, you can call the police with our easy access.

How it works

  • User is enrolled by asking them for some points of interest and categories.
  • Our backend uses public data from those categories to listen for anomalies.
  • We forward relevant information to the user on SMS and

How we built it

  • We use public data that is near real time in nature (ie road works started today, a police incident happened in last 12 hours etc) and match it to end users preferences.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding public data that is near realtime in nature.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Creating a useful solution that actually supports the user's safety directly
  • Creating a simple but workable solution in a short time.

What we learned

  • That the quality and accessibility of a data set is very important and finding good data sets take time.

What's next for What happens near me

  • Improve and add more data visualisations. Add the option to switch area of interest.
    • We can explore how to make such kind of an interaction an standard and use some decentralised way of curating and publishing this data.

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