TheFuck is an incredibly useful CLI allowing users to correct their previous mistakes. However, there are many times when TheFuck can't correct your previous command due to an unrecognized error or new program. When it fails, what's your next step? Many people will default to Stack Overflow. This was our inspiration.

Pull Request

  • We submitted two pull request to thefuck repo.
  • One is to add in the feature of reverting the last git commit locally in case the user decided they don't want the new commit. We also added in some test and the pull request has been reviewed and approved and waiting to be merged.
  • The second pull request is to add in the feature of helping the user by using the error message to get stack overflow post that can help the user debug their code. Currently, when thefuck doesn't know how to fix the error, it would just return no fuck is given but we took it further and give the user the option to check if there is any StackOverflow page about this error. If the user confirms to check StackOverflow, it would then display the three topmost 3 questions that could help the user fix the bug. This pull request is currently under review.

What's next for StackOverf***?

The pull request has been opened as a draft and is currently pending review by some of the project's contributors. The addition has been written in a way that allows for expansion beyond just Stack Overflow. This will allow others to add more post-processing to command corrections, which is a feature that wasn't previously available.le.

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