Just a fun idea and curiosity. We barely had experience with the tools we used.

What it does

Analyzes ads offered by google adsense, they are classified by topic and displayed in a word cloud chart. The bigger word is in the word chart, the most relevant is the topic for the user according to googles behavior.

How we built it

Scrapping ads with Python and selenium. We used a module that another ├╝berkind hacker had already done in the past

Challenges we ran into

Learning how to detect ads from other website and get the content and process it. Ah, and python. We had no experience with python (shame on us)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a rudimentary system that partially works using technologies we didn't really understand at first

What we learned

Scrapping ads with Python and selenium, navigating through browsers with browsers using python (with graphical interface or headlessly)

What's next for What does Google expect me to buy?

Personalizing more the terms that figure in the chart and enhancing the configurability.

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