What Are the Odds is a popular game that many students in Harvard Westlake play, so we decided to create an app version of the game that allows students to play through a different platform.

How to Play

Compete with your friends by trying to get the most points possible and to become #1 on the weekly leaderboard! When you challenge your friend to a game of What Are the Odds, you can either dare them to post a specific status to Facebook or to do a dare. If they chose to accept, they will choose the odds that complete your dare. Two numbers will be randomly chosen out of those odds, and if they are the same number, your friend loses and will have to hold up their end of the dare. If your friend chicken’s out, he/she will not receive any points, but instead, will lose points.

How we built it

We coded in XCode and used a variety of frameworks such as parse and Facebook SDK. We also used Photoshop to create our logo and icons.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to correctly import the frameworks. Also we had a hard time using GitHub because we accidentally corrupted our files when we tried to committed different versions of our storyboard.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a very detailed storyboard and were able to upload the app on our phones.

What we learned

We learned how to use GitHub, Xcode, and cocoapods. In addition, we all attended different workshops such as the iOS Development Workshop and 3D Modeling Workshop. We learned how to divide up jobs so that each person had a specific job.

What's next for What Are the Odds

We are going to add the Facebook element into our app since we were not able to completely code the instant posts after a player loses the odds. We are also going to create a point system so that players who agree on larger odds, will receive fewer points.

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