Star Wars fans

Enjoyed working on something new, and challenging - the Myo sensor band.

What it does

The programs allows the user to have full control over the mouse and it's click, using only your arm's movements. We demonstrate this by running an instance of the Chrome browser and the Flappy Bird game, online.

How we built it

Downloaded the source code for the Myo documentation. Created a C++ program in Visual Studio which takes the raw data provided by the Myo's gyroscope and pods, and translates that data into mouse movement. Lastly, we also implemented the click of the mouse by making a fist motion.

Challenges we ran into

The accelerometer sensor was too noisy to create handwriting recognition. Too little RAM to use the Ocullus Rift and Myo at the same time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got a score of 4 in Flappy Bird using the Myo system. Also managed to reduce the lag of the input to an acceptable amount.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Myo dataflow from its different sensors.

What's next for What a flappy joke

Intergate the Myo system with a Virtual Reality experience.

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