Whalien 52 is the name for the loneliest whale in the world, recognized for being the only whale of an unknown species that call at a frequency of 52 hertz. The website, Whalien 52, serves to bring awareness and quantify both plastic footprints as well as the impact of efforts in preventing more plastic pollution. With plastic pollution in the ocean affecting animals and humans alike, it is becoming increasingly necessary to understand an individual's effect on this issue. Thus, this website provides a plastic footprint calculator that allows one to generally gauge their own usage of plastic. In addition, Whalien 52 also provides a clean-up impact calculator for those who want to understand their efforts in picking up litter through a bigger picture, that provides a daily percent reduction of plastic going into the ocean and how many marine animals lives they can potentially save.

Whalien 52 was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

While creating Whalien 52, I ran into problems with Javascript as it was my first time working with it.

I am proud of creating a full website by myself for the first time

With Whalien 52, I hope to continue developing it in order to have substantial impact.

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