We wanted to create an application that would help people suffering from depression to cope with their condition.

What it does

The application analyses the posts user shares on Facebook and analyses the "negativity" of them. If it reaches a certain threshold, it is possible that the person considers harming themselves. The app triggers the8n a conversation with a person responsible for mental and spiritual support in a "call-center". The consultant has access to information about how can they help such users, and if necessary they can advise people to undertake professional medical treatment. This "consultant" can access the location of the person they are talking to in order to call for support if the condition of the user might be serious. The application of chat not only allows for anonymity

How I built it

Tomasz built the Android front end and the simple message analyzer with traditional Java and XML Alex designed the web and mobile front-ends for our application. He also kept us busy finding bugs in our program :) Max was the tech guru. He built the whole Python, .NET, and REST backend. And web front end of course

Challenges I ran into

Fetching posts from Facebook, connecting Android to our Python backend, parsing location to

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning REST for Android, working in a cool international team, coming up with a real-world-applicable hack :)

What I learned

Android: Notifications, XML shapes, GPS Web: favicons, PUSH notifications, REST integration

What's next for Whale Protection

Integration with Telegram or other messaging platform

Built With

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