We were traveling around and found out, its dificult to plan and organize the whole trip.

What it does

Whadoo combines several aplications through APIs, so you have everything you need when planning for a trip in one app. It also recommends you places and events that should interest you after matching you to similar users through a post-encoder neural network.

How we built it

With love, coffee and lack of sleep in Prague, June 2017

Challenges we ran into

Combining all the APIs and datasets from external sources, lacking learning data for your neural network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing a complex topic, utilizing the varying expertise in the Team.

What's next for Whadoo

Slowly teach the neural network. Give it more options like how much do you want to spent and make the app not only to provide you with services, but also give you useful information. Also connect the app with APIs coming in the future (AirBnB, etc.)

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