kayabutter - A home away from home

App Description

Kaya Butter is an app to bring Singaporeans together regardless of where they are on the globe.

App Features

• Keep up with the latest news and announcements happening back in Singapore! No need to fomo! Government agencies can through this app connect with Singaporeans overseas with announcements.

• Network with Singaporean communities around you while overseas! They can be interest groups or school communities, join your kakis and chit-chat about anything to help with your transition to an unfamiliar environment!

Why the name 'kayabutter'?

Inspiration came from kaya toast being such a staple breakfast in our life back in Singapore yet so difficult to find when overseas! In that sense, we hope to emulate the familiar experience of having kaya butter toast in Singapore while overseas, an everyday staple yet so unique and comforting to Singaporeans. 👍

Ideal Experience

SG users are able to obtain useful info about living abroad from SG communities around the world.

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