Adulting is challenging, but credit shouldn't have to be. I have learned from my personal experience of being lost, and not knowing how to navigate credit, as a young adult. After watching many podcasts, taking online courses and talking to individuals with good credit, I was able to understand credit more thoroughly. I want to share that knowledge with others, in a more relatable way, so that their learning process is more entertaining and easy to access in a central location with WhackaStack.

What it does

There aren't many fun ways to learn about how to maintain good credit, and WhackaStack is a great way to meet this gap in the market, by providing key facts about credit through an entertaining game, modeled after Whack a Mole. Top mistakes to avoid with credit are shown on the WhackaStack monsters that the player learns through completing the game. These helpful tips are also reinforced through additional resources including Bizkids, Credit Karam and Credit Sesame to further the discussion.

How I built it

I researched jquery frameworks online and considered how I could integrate key credit information in entertaining ways, and that lead me to use Whack a Mole as a model.

Challenges I ran into

The hover reaction that makes the picture change in the animation was challenging. It took me a while to figure it out. This is my first time making a game.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am more familiar with jQuery, and I feel more confident to take on more challenges and make responsive web apps.

What I learned

I learned how to make a web, game apps with jQuery and also how to make static pictures into animated sequences.

What's next for WhackaStack

I'm going to consider adding more reactions for clicks, and additional resources.

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