The large amount of bad weather we've had recently.

What it does

Tells you where the weather is currently on google maps in PA. It will judge if certain weather is dangerous if you tell it to, and allow you to also show where certain weather conditions are located. In case of a weather-like emergency, it would show you best places to be to avoid the bad weather.

How we built it

Making many, many, many keys because they kept expiring :(. But also using JavaScript, web APIs such as darksky, heatmap.js, and google maps.

Challenges we ran into

Our keys kept expiring >:( The program wasn't fast enough to plot the whole US, which burned through a lot of keys Figuring out how to use all 3 APIs We kept renaming things and didn't use a linter to catch our mistakes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figured out how to use 3 APIs Made a weather service more useful than

What we learned

How to use 3 APIs How hard that is JavaScript

What's next for Whack Weather

Making it run with the whole US

Built With

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