We built a recycle bot to help you sort out your recyclables. Given a zip code and item in questions, we give back valuable info to help you make the most of your local recycling services.

We built our app with: MySQL db, flask, python, Twilio and a whole lot of persistence!

We were challenged by:

  • Python package management! Enough said. #relatable

We're proud of:

  • We developed a full-stack, working application in under 48 hours! This was our first time working with bots as well as our first Python project.

What we learned:

  • Lots of Python quirks!
  • How to design a bot application
  • How to work effectively as a team (no machine left behind)

What's next for Whack Recycle:

  • Search by Emoji
  • Location based searching
  • Whack Recycle Slack bot
  • Recycling tips and tricks

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