As we browsed through some of the most popular Android games, we noticed that many have one thing in common -- simplicity with a hint of time crunchiness. With those in mind, we came up with a lighthearted, yet addictive game to make long bus rides go by just a little faster.

What it does

Dot Dot Go! is an Android game in which you are displayed three colored dots on the screen, and choose between two that is most similar to the third. The clock is ticking, so go tap those dots quickly to achieve a high score!

How we built it

We use an AsyncTask to run the game on another thread so that the UI thread and the button handling could be more reactive. We use xml to draw the colors and adds shades for the circles programmatically through java.

Challenges we ran into

Light shades are very hard to distinguish (eg. white vs. off-white), so we used an unbalanced distribution to skew the distribution towards darker colors. Also, we ensured that the buttons were reactive enough by using a different gaming thread.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As we tested the game, we found that it is indeed quite engaging and addictive despite its simplicity. We came up with a game that can help people de-stress for a moment.

What we learned

We learned that even simple games have quite a few design choices to be made.

What's next for DotDotGo!

The game can have additional levels, including higher difficulty of color matching and even pattern and shape matching. This game can potentially be used to train color sensitivity and reflexes.

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