Challenging NFT drops (e.g. odd times, technical issues, bots, etc.) and lack of IRL artists engaged in NFT projects.

What it does

Makes accessing generative NFTs easy! WGMI gives token-holders regular airdrops of unique generative NFTs.

How we built it

Nights and weekends using Typescript, Bootstrap React

Challenges we ran into

Some documentation is challenging for new users, but the community was always ready to help. Pricing our token was really challenging given the different nature of our offer, the volatility of pricing in the market, and the rapidly changing NFT environment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I started learning to code just 5 or 6 months ago. The fact that our site works and is connected to the chain is something that I will forever be proud of.

What we learned

Don't give up...WGMI🤝

What's next for WGMI NFT Collector's Club

We've got a ton of exciting art that we're really eager to work with our designers on. We've got a lot of fun ideas on how NFTs might evolve over time.

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