Inspiration - The way the mother nature is being exploited everyday, lead us to take up the challenge to stop this illegal trafficking.

What it does - It demonstrates the blockchain system. The solution is to keep the track end to end till it reaches the market. If any breach is their the system will automatically detects that their is an issue in the chain and immediately notifies the admin and chain comes to blocked state. And admin can go through the details where and why the issue occured.

How we built it - The technogy we used are as java, spring, jpa, hibernet, mysql,andriod.

Challenges we ran into - The main challenge we faced is to understand that how a forest product comes to consumer markets from forest.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - Learning more about mother nature and gathering knowledge that how a forest product is moved from end to end.

What we learned -

What's next for wfftrafficking - To build up the admin panel with lots of information that will help the admin to analyse and keep a close to each and every chain.

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