The Wii, a game console that is now discontinued from manufacturing but was loved by every kid before it was surpassed by the Xbox and Playstation since it was so inspirational.

What it does

It emulates the Wii on your computer while allowing you to play along with your smartphones .

How we built it

We used Swift for the iOS app, NodeJS and ThreeJS for the web game, Firebase and its SDKs as a realtime database and Java for the Android app.


Determining the change in velocity and acceleration when the balls make contact with the wall as well as configuring the physics mechanics of the movement of the ball.

Accomplishments during building

Being able to accurately control the balls with our smartphones along with creating a stable collision detection mechanism.

What we learned

How to make a threejs. game, use Android Java backend, as well as learn basic github and firebase for our one first-time-hackathoner.

What's next for WeWii

The marble game being only a concept, many more games can be made with the abundance of sensors in our smartphones as well as add the capability of incorporating multiplayer for not only 2 players, but possibly upto 8.

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