The Inspiration

The first time I learned coding (through an online course), I struggled so much I didn't touch code for a year. Struggling helps us grow, but struggling alone is very daunting. I didn't know how many others were struggling as well. It was just me in my bedroom. Little did I know about open source projects. And when I did, the act of git merging my newbie code into a public project refueled my nightmares. I wanted to work with someone at my level in real time to debug import statements and learn with me. After completing my first group project at college, I learned a valuable lesson. Struggling alongside other peers fosters a great sense of community and collaborative problem solving.

The Idea

Personal projects can be tough to think of and difficult to embark on. We wanted to leverage the power of peer programming that VS Code's live share offers along with the sense of community opensource platforms provide. Using the extension, users can post their project live share link with descriptions onto the WeWe Code site. They can also cap the amount of peers they are looking for. Peers looking to join projects can scroll through WeWe Code interface to find a project of their liking.

The Tech

We used flask, python, and sql alchemy to build a server to handle api calls, serve our site, and manage our database. We hosted the project on Heroku. We ran into some challenges when trying to build the API due to the CORS security issue. However with the help of mentors and a bit of stack exchange, we were able to get it up and running. We also struggled with edge case testing. During certain calls, our server would breakdown. However, I am proud of the final product as it is intuitive and easy to use.

Next Steps

We want to make sure that our solution really does center around those who need it the most. The only way to do that is a lot of end customer interviews and a lot of iterative prototypes. We hope our project really is capable of creating an impact, and would love to keep contributing to the project.

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