1. A description of the problem you’re solving. For most people hardest part of the day is to wake up, we struggle to get out of bed and we are always snoozing our alarms. And if you have gym that morning its even harder. And with 29% of Australia being Obese there is no better time for change.
  2. A description of who you are solving the problem for. A young Australian between the ages 18 – 24, who are usually un-motivated to get up and go to the gym and want to hold themselves accountable.
  3. A description of what your prototype is. Our prototype is an IOS app with an alarm system. What makes us different, is you can set the same alarm for you and your friend and to turn it off you both have to complete a task simultaneously.
  4. A description of how it works. Using Swift for our IOS app and FireBase for our Back end service.
  5. A description of the implementation. Used Xcode.
  6. 3rd party material A$AP Rocky – Praise the Lord (Audio)
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