Following on Singapore's wonderful "TraceTogether" project and really great research by, Instant Tracing will be part of the "Dance" of COVID-19 as highlighted in "the Hammer and the Dance"

What it does

WeTrace protects your family, friends and neighbors by running a safe, secure and anonymous app on your smartphone.

The app continually sends anonymous location data to record historical social contact. You can notify us that you have been infected, and we will send an anonymous care message on your behalf to those you've been in contact with. Your message will automatically update their risk score to help them get the care they need, and stop the spread to others they care about.

We do not collect any personal information, and take great care to obscure any way to identify others. We calculate and send all "risk scores" only three times/day both to prevent even more news anxiety, and to keep all positive carriers anonymous.

The more it's used, and the more people use it, the more it works. We'll be trying to find ways to leverage social networks to help protect, rather than spread.

How we built it

Starting with high level requirements to track and trace backwards, we've built prototypes in Figma, app proof of concept in Expo, and backend using AWS services like API Gateway, Lambda, and SNS.

Challenges we ran into

Stay tuned :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

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What we learned

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What's next for WeTrace

Stay tuned :)

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