The Texas Coast has experienced more than 52% of wetlands loss due to urban and commercial development, pollution, altered hydrology, and more. These losses directly and indirectly affect coastal communities and the wildlife species that rely on these habitats for protection and food. It is vital that these wetlands are conserved and restored.

How it works

  1. The most valuable wetland parcels for sale are highlighted by Wetland Hub. The price of the parcel plus the restoration (if required) is the amount of funds requested from the general public for the purchase of the parcel.

  2. Concerned citizen lends the funds.

  3. The citizen receives a credit for the purchase of the weltand to be redeemed once the wetland is producing and if the financial goal is reached to make the purchase. Else the citizen gets its loan amount back.

  4. Once the wetland purchase price is fully funded, the wetland will be purchased and a conservation easement is acquired for the property.

  5. Wetland restoration is achieved through agencies such as Ducks Unlimited or an equivalent agency using the funds lend by the general public. When restoration is complete and easements are in place, the land management is transferred to a wildlife agency or a private individual who shares the preservation interest and knowledge to make the land profitable through fisheries, hunting grounds, aquaculture or water preservation purification services. The public agency or private citizen must be willing to abide by the conservation easement. Funds recovered from the implementation of the recreational facilities or commercial fisheries are then repaid back to the lender. Ongoing income from the property is used by the agency or private citizen to maintain the property.

Challenges I ran into

Pulling data from JSON and integrating ESRI Javascript SDK

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team work, learned new skills, produce a working prototype

What I learned

Jaime: Team Work Connie: GIS Eliana: javascript coding

What's next for Wetlands

Integrate with API for lending procedure, and present proposal to and other organizations.

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