Starting a nonprofit 11 years ago opened my eyes to the challenges nonprofits face in the marketplace, especially when it comes to marketing and trying to get people's attention without spending money on advertising. And now working in the Advertising Industry for the last 10 years I have witnessed a shift and demand for more cause-based and impactful marketing tactics. Also a rapid adoption from brands to become better corporate citizens and use more sustainable business practices. The marketplace is hungry for better ways to do business, and WeThinkItMatters is leading the innovation for marketing ROI and will have unmatched guarantees in the advertising industry.


For Businesses, the problem is click fraud and that even if real people are the ones clicking the ADs, those ADs are not really connecting with most people or having a positive impact on them. Also, people are expecting businesses to be better corporate citizens.

For Nonprofits, the problem is funding is tight and charities primarily rely on people to support the work they do to improve our communities. Also, nonprofits can't really spend much money on ADs but you still have to compete for the same consumer dollars that businesses are spending over $500+ billion buying ADs to influence people.

For People, the problem is they already donate 15X times more money to Nonprofits than Businesses donate to nonprofits each year while businesses are gaining more wealth and people are losing it. Also, people's attention is valuable and businesses spend big money for it, but people don't get anything of it.

What it does

Develop a Cause-Integrated Marketing Platform as a Service (PaaS) where Businesses get a better ROI from the money they spend on advertising, and nonprofits get attention and funding without having to ask for a donation, and any person in the world can get the same value for their attention and engagement in the WeThinkItMatters Dapp.

How I built it

Develop WTIM's Smart Advertising Contract on Cardano for WeThinkItMatters cause-integrated marketing campaigns

Develop WTIM Token and WTIM Share as Native Assets on Cardano that can be traded and exchanged in a private marketplace

Create a Dapp with a rewarding experience for people, businesses, and nonprofits to work together to create funding for causes that matter to them

A Web Dapp consisting of mobile-friendly front-end and scalable back-end designed to work with the Cardano blockchain. An online community where anyone can raise money for nonprofit causes with just the tap of their finger, no donation required. And the most responsible and sustainable place in the world for businesses to advertise.

Challenges I ran into

Making sure people understand WTIM has nothing to do with money that is already being donated to nonprofits. WTIM is a marketing platform that generates new funding for nonprofits with money that was going to be spent on advertising by brands, and was never going to be donated to them. WTIM increases the funding making it to nonprofits.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I never give up :)

What I learned

Everything takes longer than you expect.

What's next for WeThinkItMatters

Becoming the fastest growing company and raising billions for nonprofits over the next 3 years.

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posted an update

I understand WTIM can not compete for prizes because the idea was worked on before Sept 25th 2020, but that does not take away from me wanting to present the idea for the Blockchain for Social Good challenge. WTIM, WeThinkItMatters is still an idea trying to startup and could use the "Ongoing support, from UN and IOHK personnel, to support development of selected projects" mentioned for projects in the challenge. Just because effort has been put into WTIM before Sept 25th 2020 shouldn't keep it from help starting up.

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