During our studying period, our teammates usually meet with problems that points are deducted in our homework because we are lack of testing our codes with comprehensive test cases. And we see many students fail to go a step more in the exploration of the field of computer science. In such cases, everything we think about is "Why we cannot realize that issue at the time of debugging?" But the next time we meet with test case problems, we might still not able to do better in the test cases issue because the problem is different, the prerequisite or the user input will still vary a lot. But with our newly designed "WeTest" website, students will see test cases others published and use them to test students' own codes.

Test sharing, not Code sharing!

What it does

All users jointly creates large amount of test cases. And our back-end automatically runs all the test cases and give results back to the user. To ensure user understand the code and how it failed, before it fails the tests in grading.

How we built it

We collaborately coded all the components, from database, server, all the way to front-end web design.

Challenges we ran into

We encounter many small bugs like can't upload file, and failed to retrieve data from database. But with our patience, we finally able to solve these problems. It took a long time, but we will be more aware of these problems in our next engineering creation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We used universal serialized data retrieval. It ensures the database can only be accessed by my dev team.

What we learned

This is the biggest project we've ever done. During our development, we applied and testified the usefulness of many frameworks and basic engineering (programming) principles. Software architechturing and so on.

What's next for WeTests

A better UI/UX design for web site. Release on Mac PC and mobile platform to ensure the accessibility of our product to the user. We will add more features like forums, private chat, and giving troubleshooting tips.

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