Have you ever pondered what the most optimal way to wake yourself or loved ones up in the morning is? Fear not, we are here with a solution - Wet the Bed! Americans constantly struggle with this issue on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, we we have taken inspiration from this issue and attempted to put forth a solution.

Wet the Bed is an alarm clock app paired with a physical device that is designed to properly wake you up in the morning by asking you math questions to make you alert and pouring water on you if you answer the question wrong or keep pressing snooze.

This device is a rudimentary prototype constructed out of an arduino board, a servo motor, a wooden framework, a 3-D printed resin cupholder, and an iPhone app coded in Swift.

The primary challenges we encountered ended up surprising us and giving us valuable learning opportunities. In the construction of Wet The Bed, we faced challenges in optimizing the servo motor layout and cupholder design, the initial plan we foresaw had structural problems that we had to overcome. This led to the rudimentary appearance of our device. We ended up not using an additional servo because it did not spin allow us the mobility we desired. On the software aspect, we faced difficulties in voice recognition and with the bluetooth pairing of our arduino. However, we overcame these difficulties by finding various solutions that enabled us to properly accomplish the tasks we desired for our app by sacrificing UI appearance for functionality.

We successfully believe we were able to complete a rudimentary prototype for an alarm system that truly wakes you up. However, perhaps even more valuable, we learned how to circumvent issues and problems in prototyping in a short period. This helped us become more adept and prepared to properly prototype and problem solve in the future.

Wet The Bed plans to be a household device in most American homes by the end of 2025. We also plan to extend our line to: Wet The Office, Wet The Car, Wet The Library, Wet The Neighbors and Wet The Dog, friendly appliances that remind you to take of your daily tasks.

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