I need someone to reply my customers within minutes.But I have not got the capability yet to pay someone. Bots are the amazing things in that case. Excitement of trying new things ,my needs and also the prizes inspire me to do this.

What it does

It send some quick replies to my customers so that they stay tuned.

How I built it

With Chatfuel.

Challenges I ran int

I am a Non-Tech.This is my first time building a chat-bots.So being a first timer I face problem in linking the replies of the buttons.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first time making something like his. I got highly motivated after doing this.I know it is not perfect but after watching that it is working I feel so happy as I learned this by myself.

What I learned

I have learned how to make bots .How to interact with customer without my presence .

What's next for Westrio Chat-bots

I am working on adding pictures of the dresses .I am still learning . I will try the things after getting know.

Built With

  • chatfuel
  • coffee
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