WestField iParking

Imagine your phone was smart enough to automatically park for you?


On busy days especially in a big mall like WestField, people have to wait in the car queue for a long time to get into the parking which is a big hurdle in their shopping experience.

Even with the express parking currently installed, most people just don't have the time to register online, wait to get accepted and come pick up a tag because of their busy lives. What if forget the tag? Why can't I link more than one payment card to the tag.


To solve this problem we got the idea to use the latest iBeacon technology which can automate the whole process using just an app.

Using this tech we can uniquely recognize the customer and automatically pay for his parking using the credit card information stored in the iParking app.

The customers do not even have to take out the phone from their pocket. Everything will be a seamless experience. After the payment is automatically done, the customer will get a notification on their phone with the digital receipt of the payment.

Target Users

We are targeting shoppers who have a car and are in the age range of 25-45.

Future Scope

The parking is just a baby step to provide much more express shopping experience to the shoppers. Using the iBeacon technology we can also make express payment, send targeted offers to the customers, loyalty etc.


The technology can either be used as an standalone app or it can be integrated into the current WestField shopping app.

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