cmd-f Hackathon Submission

Overall women have been underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), and it's manifested when oftentimes panels consist of all male speaker. Organizers sometimes say it's hard to find women to speak on panels, so that was the inspiration for this idea.

WeSPEAK, short for Women Engineers Speak, is a speakers bureau dedicated to helping you find women in STEM who can deliver professional, impactful, motivational talks as well as keynotes. Our goal is to highlight, promote, and advance women in STEM by offering higher visibility and an easier way for any organization to find speakers for their events.

Learning Salesforce

While I spoke with fellow hackers about working together, they ended up no longer responding or dropping out due to other commitments. Consequently I worked on this project alone and am thankful for how easily Salesforce allowed me to work on the front end and back end and dabble in AI via a chatbot.

I primarily created tabs and custom objects with a schema relationship to show how Contacts (built-in Salesforce feature) would interact with Speakers (custom object) via Speaking Engagement Agreements (custom object). One of the tabs contained a deployed web site providing an overview of the project and speakers available. I also created an Einstein Bot that was embedded on the website that would identify Contacts (prospects) and offer them speaker recommendations based on responses. Once the Contact thinks there's a good match between what they can offer and the speaker being recommended, Salesforce can send a message to the speaker and then send an email to the Contact with the Speaker's response.

This was also my first foray into Salesforce - so glad I had the opportunity to learn through this challenge!

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