Discover local music. Share your favorite songs. Do this all with zero internet connection. This is WeshApp, the first and only mesh audio streaming service.

Imagine you are visiting London for the first time. You stop in a cafe to get some coffee. While you are waiting, you open our app. Surrounding you are dozens of other music lovers using our app, sharing their favorite songs. These are their songs, tailored to the city and the culture they live in. This is not advertisement controlled radio, or fake coffeeshop soundracks. This is better. This is what people are really listening to, and what they really like.

Once you pick a song in the WeshApp, you can then stream it from one of your neighbors. You don't need to be connected to the internet for this to work, but if you are, we offer integration with intel Mashery Rdio API for album artwork display, and Yammer so that you can let everyone know about the great new song you just heard.

If you love discovering new music, if you enjoy traveling and embracing local culture, then WeshApp Tunes is for you.

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