A consistent pattern on social media platforms such as Reddit post about struggling with mental health issues can be found. However, they chose to post it on the platform instead of reaching to professional organizations for help. Our team figured that the posts can be used to help professionals identify who needs help and let them know they can reach out to them.

What it does

We provide an easy one-stop solution to reaching out to students for mental illness. We provide our client (likely some Waterloo mental illness / Drug Prevention) an easy way to find potential mental illness problems on the social media networks like Reddit.

How We built it

We used HTML, CSS, Javascript for the foundation of the web application. We also used the algoria api to implement a search function to easily filter out social media posts. We used Reddit's social media platform RESTful API.

Challenges We ran into

A challenge we ran into was the unfamiliarity of implementing search API into doing what we want, such as displaying the specific data we had and how we wanted.

What I learned

We learned how difficult it is for an idea to turn into a tangible solution which required serious teamwork and cooperation. We also learned to opened up our comfort zones and ideas, truly expanding upon what it means to be a Waterloo Student. For example, instead of using technologies we were very used to, we took the necessary sacrifice of using our time to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Git.

What's next for WeSendHelp

We plan to expand this platform to include being able to search on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We also hope to include more features for the specific client we design this for such as including contacts like regional police, etc.

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