A Platform for Wesleyan University Students Powered by WesCoins that allows the exchange of services

A First Look

We have created two things: WesCoin, a ERC-20 token that runs on that specific network and a platform called WesTasks to utilize those coins.


Token supply of 5,000,000.

Contract Address: 0x75afA21C74B4619eE7e910CEcfc93a16f5c0b731

Launching of Platform

Upon visiting the website, you will login using a crypto wallet on your phone via QR code or download the metamask extension in a chrome browser. Ensure that you are on the ROPSTEN test network for Ethereum because WesCoin is a ERC-20 token that runs on that specific network.

New users will automatically receive 5,000 WesCoins upon registration of their public wallet through a google form.

Upon login, you can accept services that others have offered or propose new ones that

If you head to the View Tasks tab, you can view in real-time tasks being added. If you are happy with the reward the person is offering you can accept the offer by clicking on the toggle button.


  1. You can accept people's offers. Once an offer is accepted, it is updated in real-time across all platforms. Only one person can accept an offer

  2. Upon completion of the task, the user who proposed the task can release the funds to the user who completes the task at hand.

  3. You can create, edit and delete tasks.

  4. Your identity on this platform is anonymous because we use your crypto wallet's public key to identify you. Users are not limited to transacting coins on the system. They can easily use the send coins tab to send WesCoins to any Athereum address.

  5. Your wallet and your WesCoin token balance are synchronized in real-time with the blockchain.

  6. To view all WesCoin transactions visit the following website: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/address/0x2a4e752108518faa91deb3af330c9e6f0939b527

Launching of Platform

Your wallet address is your identification

We didn't want to create a central coin system in the app so we made it into a token so that people can use it in the app for several different things.


Blockchain Tech is being used for various different use cases but has not yet been experimented with it on college campuses. We wanted to see where this experiment could lead us! Also wanted to learn Web3 technology and this seemed like a good chance to explore

What it does

You can trade the token for various services.

How we built it

We used the Ethereum network to deploy the ERC-20 token. Used Firebase to sync data across all users. Used web3-react to integrate crypto wallets, and react for front-end!

Challenges we ran into

Integrating the wallets with the app as well as getting the payment system to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully able to trade the crypto in the web app

What we learned

How the Ethereum contracts work and how to communicate with the blockchain through web3-react

What's next for WesCoins

More applications and use cases for the WesCoin!

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