Working in several countries in Latam it was easy to find talented people everywhere. With different ways of working, having ideas, changing the way things got done in the company. What if there was an easy way of capturing those ideas?, ways of doing processes that challenged the norm but gave extraordinary results.., What would happen to the organization if those ideas and processes were to find the people that needed to know them?. That company would have a jump in productivity, engagement and gain speed and agility never seen before. I had to build it. Quit my corporate job, put together a talented team and here we are...!

What it does

Wesay crowd sources micro video sequences on the processes the company needs being done by experienced employees. Without loosing control the management team can select a group of employees and in a easy flow create the process, have the experts make micro video sequences, vote between them and publish the best ones with some quizzes linked to the position and function of the employees that need to learn. The magic happens because the company is including the employees in a process where they can show what they know, have visibility and impact the results of the company in a way previously unthinkable. And it does all this driving the cost of creating content to nothing and reducing the time it takes to a couple of days, all with tailored made content from the company itself.

How we built it

Wesay has a sophisticated back end that uses Cloudinary as the repository of the video sequences content. With a web based control dashboard to allow the learning managers to create processes, courses, certifications and quizzes. Assign them to positions and manage the learning process. Wesay deploys content and allows communication via web, iOS and Android to terminals, tablets and smartphones

Challenges we ran into

The biggest one is that Wesay truly demands a change in the way companies think about training. We have to break the paradigm that everything in an organization has to come top down and that it can trust their experienced employees to create videos that show don´t tell how they do the processes in witch they are the experts. Once they understand this is a completely new way and roll with it the speed they gather is amazing. Learning Management Systems have a bad rep, and mostly is justified. They are expensive, hard to install, costly to fill with relevant content that gets outdated really fast, all that so after the launch and beyond the management team has to constantly push employees to take the courses and processes. Wesay changes that but has to live with that stigma until it gathers speed in the organization. Going from a nice to have to a must have. Time has helped with this challenge. As the world moves faster companies understand that they have to change and move faster to take advantage of their agility.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with world class clients in the startup scene in Mexico. Companies like and and KAVAK. We think it´s no coincidence that companies that have to move fast, innovate and are agile like our product. Wesay has helped many employees get noticed by management. That visibility has resulted in many promotions and fast tracked careers! Becoming a driver for change and speed, a great example is the amazing growth that has, it would be impossible to open huge warehouses with hundreds of sku´s and new employees in pandemic times with a traditional LMS, the fact that they can do it and continue to innovate, change processes, include new products and have people trained basically in real time gives them an strategic advantage over the competition.

What we learned

We learned that the concept and philosophy of Wesay is one of the best ways a company can innovate. That even with a good idea and product execution change is very hard!, resistance to change in organizations has very deep roots but it is possible to change when you include everyone in the process and employees feel heard and taken into account. That after a period o shyness there is a lot of talent in experienced employees, in time they get creative and content quality goes up at an amazing speed! Middle aged and senior employees are a lot of times way more open to share what they know than their younger peers!

What's next for Wesay

An alliance with Microsoft is of strategic value for Wesay. More functionality for Teams, eventually Dynamics and the Office 365 ecosystem. Can you imagine what companies can do by creating with their experts the learning content employees will need at the touch of a button without leaving the application they are using?, contextual knowledge that gets updated constantly to reflect changes in operation used in the flow of work...! Next will be how to harness and interpret the data Wesay gets. We want to be able to predict productivity by the way employees learn from the application.

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