We hate having to send tons of images to friends if we want to share a conversation with them. They often get out of order and it stinks.

What it does

It takes a bunch of screenshots of text message conversations, stitches them together, then displays the single, long screenshot!

How we built it

We used Processing and Java to perform the image processing. We used the Android mode that Processing has available to export the application to an Android device. It also took lot of whiteboards and candy.

Challenges we ran into

Like, all of it. Stitching images is really hard. You have to be really careful about not letting the content of the image make it's way into your algorithm. You need to only do comparative analysis between the images. It was also difficult to solve the problem of headers/footers in messaging apps -- cropping the images so that you're only stitching together the actual message is not easy if you want it to work for more than one device.

Getting the project running on Android was also a challenge after getting it working for Windows. We also got really hungry, so it took a lot of dedication not to run out and get Chipotle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing! And writing an algorithm that is actually competitive in the app market for screenshot stitching tools.

What we learned

Not to underestimate the power of simple ideas. They can lead to a lot of interesting applications, and also really kick you in the butt if you're not ready for the complexities they throw at you.

What's next for WeSaid

Making a real app out of it and putting it on the app store! :D

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posted an update

We won our local Hackathon with this! Wooo! Thanks to all the people who put the event together.

We're still working on this, actually. Just the other day we added a pretty hefty optimization that speeds it up several times and makes it far more accurate. The current version has yet to fail on any tests.

We've also used this in the real world, even sending some conversations from it to friends. Everyone who's seen it loves it!

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