The fitness apps we use don't give us much flexibility or customization. They give you the same workouts over and over and we wanted something more customized.

What it does

The idea was to generate workouts for users to their liking depending on body parts they want to focus on as well as difficulty level. We have 447 exercises in our database to choose from.

How I built it

Java frontend in Android Studio and MongoDB backend. Exercise data pulled from fitness API. MongoDB database hosted on Google Cloud

Challenges I ran into

Connecting the backend to the frontend, we ran into software bugs in MongoDB Realms and couldn't display data from the database. We couldn't finish implementing the connection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Really beautiful frontend and good data

What I learned

Android Studio mobile development for the first time for all of us and we learnt so much. Also learned how to pull data from a public API. Learned how to authenticate users in MongoDB Realms

What's next for werkout

Connecting the UI to the database and generating workout plans

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