The inspiration of this site was to help organisers of the popular party game by allowing a host to create a lobby and participants to receive their role privately without the need for cards.

What it does

Allow for organisers to host, start and restart games of Werewolf.

Upon realising that creating the entire app wouldn't be possible with just an hour left to go, we redirected our focus towards a new project... wherewolf. Simply type in your postcode and find out whether you should be worried about a wolf attack!

How I built it

The site uses jQuery,, node.js, javascript and some other magic

Challenges I ran into

Most of us had very limited web experience so learning sockets from scratch as an interesting time for us and caused us the most heartache.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learnt (albeit, to a non-fully functional degree) how to use web sockets.

What I learned

Expanded my knowledge of web technologies and got to play around with cool web technologies.

What's next for Werewolf / Wherewolf

Startup investment rounds

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