Werewolf is an Android-based game for a large group of people based on a famous board game with the same name.

What it does

  1. Real-time online werewolf game!

  2. Voice and message chat (also real-time :) )

  3. Game statistics and matches history

  4. Achievements/checkpoints and rewards system

  5. Customizable profiles

  6. Connect with your social media

  7. User friendly graphics :D

How I built it

We build the game using Android Studio with Java, and use Google Cloud for server and database storage, Agora API for voice and text chat, and Facebook Login API for log in credential and creating profile.

Challenges I ran into

This is a really big project so there are still many features that we can not make in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a real-time playable game within 36 hours.

What I learned

We learn a lot about how to making a real-time game and how to use some of great tools like Google Cloud to make a serverless application.

What's next for Werewolf

Finish our project, make a cross-platform version and get it published :D.

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