In the wake of this global crisis, in a time of great need and personal disconnection, we need a digital platform which allows people to help each other.

We based our project from insights of prosumer sharing economy platform such as Uber and Airbnb. We recognise that a peer to peer economy is possible. We extended the concept to "everything", removed the value extraction from the platform itself, and created a mutual credit/ reward system to allow social coordination around needs.

What it does

WeQuest creates a digital infrastructure where to submit requests for anything a person might need. The requests gets gamified into local "quests", where karma (community credits) , time and reputation can be gained. If the same good or service is requested by multiple people (ranging from toilet paper to ventilators), the system creates higher and higher "karma" rewards to fulfil the request. As people follow rewards, more people would direct their attention to satisfy the common need. In this way we are able to re-align the personal incentive with the needs of the community.
WeQuest can already be used to coordinate with people from 500m to 5km, effectively relocalising activities. As WeQuest removes the need to use money for goods and services, it will also be a useful tool during the economical aftershocks of the pandemic.

More information on the vision, implementation and technical details are available in the White Paper

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