How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for WEquance

Here at WEquance, we were inspired by the countless women who pursue athletics, technology, sciences, etc. and that although the media doesn't know they exist, we do! We relied on html and css to built the website that showcases our ideas and that our website includes helpful information on sports, education, and fashion (for all women all shapes and sizes to find their fit and feel beautiful!) Some challenges we ran into would include implementing our code from JSfiddle into GitHub for efficiency. We also had trouble picking our logo and name, as we wanted to include pink in the logo, because pink is a "female" color. However, we came to our sense and felt that that was a very sexist action to commit. We were proud of the website for empowering women and teaching them about the different attributes of different empowering women. As we were looking for our resources, we had learned that so many women are out there chasing dreams, while many don't realize it! So many women, so many accomplishments, so many innovations that could change the way we see about women are hidden and concealed. However, by divulging them, we can effectively help women get recognized for the talented things they do! As we advance in WEquance, we will add more links and more professional fields that we need to delineate on as well. We also will add a news feed from women for women that will effectively inform them of the technological, athletic, or other advances women achieve. WE are excited for WEquance's future and WE know it can revolutionize women's rights.

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