Being a college student, managing your time and being aware of what you need to get done on a daily or a weekly basis is important to guarantee your success. Something our team finds useful is creating “to-do lists” to stay on top of our school work and our personal responsibilities. This resource that we use on a daily basis inspired us to create a website that we can easily access anywhere.

What it does

“wePlan” is a website that allows the user to sign into their account and connect them to their Google Calendar and allows users to create “to-do lists” in different categories such as “Projects”, “Homework”, and “Chores”. In the website, the user is able to create various tasks and delete them once the tasks have been fulfilled. wePlan allows the user to make “to-do lists'' based on important events they might have throughout the week or throughout the day with the help of Google Calendar.

How we built it

We coded “wePlan” using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. Because our team had limited knowledge and exposure in web development, we decided to collaborate on both frontend and backend design using HTML, CSSS, and JavaScript. By collaborating on all aspects of the design portion, each member of our team was able to develop their web development skill set. We also implemented OAuth which allows the user to login with their google account.

Challenges we ran into

Building “wePlan” on a time constraint was a challenge for our team, as we had limited knowledge and exposure in web development. We had larger plans for our website but ultimately did not have enough time to be able to code all of our intended functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite our limited knowledge and skillset, we were able to create a website that effectively allows the user to create and delete tasks in different tabs. We were also able to incorporate the user’s Google Calendar to give them a better visual of their week to facilitate the process of making their “to-do list”.

What we learned

Each member of our team learned a new skill in web development. While none of us had much experience with this skill, we got exposed to the process of creating a website. We all learned how to do frontend programming and implementing backend code.

What's next for wePlan

We hope to further develop wePlan and make it a fully functional website for students. We want to implement a local database that would store the user’s tasks as well as the various to-do lists for each tab. We also want to further develop the UI and make it fit to all the different browser sizes and maintain its shape. Finally, we want to be able to display the google calendar for the user instead of embedding it into the website.

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