Planning events involving large groups of people requires coordinated communication. In addition to the schedules of each of the guests, event planners must also take weather forecasts into consideration as many events can only occur during the appropriate weather conditions. By centralizing information regarding the schedules of guests as well as forecast data, our product streamlines the planning process.

What it does

 WePLAN takes in information about the event and suggests dates and times based on AccuWeather forecast information. The planner then invites guests to vote on the best times, allowing the event to fit into everyone's calendar. 

How we built it

  WePLAN utilizes the AccuWeather API to find accurate, location-specific weather data for every venue. Taking in the location and type of the event and forecast data over a specified range of time, WePLAN chooses optimal times for the event based on various weather related criteria. Our voting mechanism uses Blockchain technology to ensure the democratic integrity of guest decisions.

Challenges we ran into

 Creating a clean and intuitive user interface took a lot of tweaking.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

 Implementing a wide range of AccuWeather API functionality.
 Utilizing Blockchain to verify voting.

What we learned

  By utilizing Blockchain in the voting system, we gained a clearer understanding of both the abstract and practical aspects of the technology. 

What's next for WePLAN

 WePLAN to bring our application to iOS and Android devices, allowing our users to plan events from anywhere with an internet connection.
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