Nobody likes sitting down with your tinder bae, your housemates, or yourself and spending the next 40 minutes arguing about what to watch and combing through endless pages of the same stuff on Netflix.

What It Does

WePick will randomly select something for you to watch on Netflix based on categories of how much time you're looking to spend.

How We Built It

We built the initial idea through Python taking user inputs through the Python Shell. Then we recoded everything into Javascript and created the UI through HTML and CSS.

Challenges We Ran Into

Originally we wanted to integrate Alexa through Lambda, but that proved too difficult. Netflix doesn't have an API available, so as a proxy we attempted to modify an IMDB database using mySQL. The next difficulty was masking Python into Javascript, but ultimately just rewriting our work.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

Overcoming the many challenges that we faced, and adapting after each attempt we made was unsuccessful. We had some team members tackling new languages, and ended up with a finished product. On top of that, despite spending the entire weekend together, all of our team members don't hate each other.

What We Learned

We learned that, even with a simple idea, things aren't going to work out. Being able to adapt and change goals as necessary allowed for us to remain motivated, and keep working despite the setbacks we faced.

What's Next for WePick

Expanding the database we use to include more streaming services such as Hulu or Crackle, while polishing up the user interface and experience.

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