As (broke) college students, individually, money can be hard to come by. However, if we pool our money together, there are many more exciting things to do.

A common problem arose for us in the past: we would try to collect funds from a group of friends, but sometimes people wouldn't pay and collecting the money was cumbersome and required too much effort.

With WePay, you can pool you and your roommates' money together to buy a new TV, get the cash to have an awesome party, or fund a trip to Guatemala. It makes collecting and tracking payments super easy and takes the pain out of getting money from your friends.

WePay uses Venmo to support P2P payments with minimal setup from the user.

(Note - Venmo's developer signup wouldn't accept any of our SSNs, so for the time being, payment is disabled until Venmo fixes its signup)

So far, we have clients for two major platforms, iOS and web.

Source code: Web Frontend and Backend - iOS Mobile App -

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