Often there are issues going on in a city that go overlooked for long periods of time. We wanted to build a platform that would empower everyone to bring attention to pressing problems that aren't being addressed in their city.

What it does

Wepair is an app on Android and iOS that allows users to upload and tag pictures tied to a location on the map, as well as browse and upvote issues that they think need attention. Markers are placed on the map tied to each incident, which can be clicked to reveal an image and information about the incident. There is also a live feed containing all images uploaded recently that can be browsed. We also use machine learning to analyze pictures submitted in order to tag them with important information that could be helpful to local city governments. We believe data is the new gold, and cities need it more than ever to cut costs. With crowd-sourcing, we can analyze user uploaded images and sell the collected data to cities in order to help them identify and solve problems specific to them.

How we built it

We used flutter to build the app, which uses Google Maps API to generate the map and communicates with a Firebase server to authenticate and store users, as well as storing the user uploaded tags, comments, and photos. We also used FirebaseVision for image labeling.

Challenges we ran into

We did not collectively have a lot of experience with Flutter, so that was a learning experience for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to implement our idea in a working prototype( that is working), that allows uploading and tagging of photos as well as browsing for users.

What we learned

We all came away as better Flutter developers, and we learned a lot about the Google Maps API and Firebase.

What's next for Wepair

We want to add groups for Wepair that would allow users to set pins visible only to a specific set of people. For example, add all your friends to a group, and show everyone where you want to go for dinner. Or, have an emergency services group that would allow real time cross-department location sharing.

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