Keeping up with the curriculum and working on side ventures is difficult, which brings up the need for an application that can automate the note-taking process.

What it does

WeNote is a platform-independent application that uses AssemblyAI API to transcribe speech into text. WeNote allows people to take notes, just by speaking, thereby reducing the time taken to type or write them. Users can also upload an audio from their lectures and make notes out of them, without having to put in the effort.

How we built it

Front-end: Flutter Back-end: Python-Flask, AssemblyAI(API)

Challenges we ran into

Synchronizing the audio and directly sending it to the server, and sending a file with a POST request. The challenge with flutter web was the lack of file storage which we had to inovatively manage with the browser's session storage for storing the audio data. Another challenge was managing the different audio encodings for our cross platform application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of integrating the sound with flutter web and using that data to get the notes from it while building almost the whole application.

What we learned

We learned about AssemblyAI and Flutter(using sound, http requests and flutter web).

What's next for WeNote

We'll be connecting the in-app option to record audio and the server.

Built With

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