Trikl is like on-chain blogging platform that works like Patreon and growing continuously to become more. We solve the above-mentioned issues with a transparent, on-chain, secure platform that helps influencers create a strong monetizable community, curates the best recommendations, and allows users to be a part of exclusive communities.

How we built it

You will need a Windows, Mac or Linux computer with command line access and permission to install new system packages. An active Internet connection is required to install the following required software:

Node NPM Yarn git clone To initialize the project, using the terminal, navigate to the folder containing the project and run the yarn install command. This will install all the necessary packages and prepare your project for local development. Login to Moralis and add in server details to the app in your env file. Then you can use yarn dev

What's next for TRIKL

We have big plans for TRIKL, we want to be the go-to platform for creators to manage and monetize their community. We also want to make a more UI friendly version of TRIKL. This is the first milestone for our app, next we will move everything to the blockchain including user data, their posts, and leaderboards for much more transparent working of the platform.

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