Our Team Has Won 20+ Hackathons Combined. Prize distribution in hackathons is extremely delayed and so tedious that it can take months, and every winner gets frustrated. The organizing committee is equally tired of constantly following up with the sponsors and updating participants. While sponsors don't have a clear view on what's the optimum amount they should spend in a hackathon.

What it does

WenBounty simplifies managing hackathons. Sponsors can add prize money to a pool that auto-disburses funds to winners. This will benefit everyone in the following ways:

  • Participants: Clear view of which track has the highest prize; speedy & automated prize distribution
  • Organizers: No headache of constantly following up with sponsors and updating participants
  • Sponsors: Optimize prize money like an auction- start with a small fund & add more basis participant responses.

How we built it

5 team members from 5 different countries, collaborated to develop this project in record time. We used the latest web3 and full-stack technologies to build the best MVP possible

What's next for Wen bounty?

Continue with the project, collaborate with our local hackathon organizers (5 countries) and build a goto platform for hackathon management & prize distribution.

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