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WeMoveOn is for you, WeMoveOn is for everyone.
Our network effectively combines supply and demand and supports the population during emergencies!
Let the world restart!


WeMoveOn, a young Venetian startup, actively contributes to improving the lives of everyone (citizens and tourists, especially people with disabilities) at all times, and especially in this moment of emergency.
Even when facing difficult situations, WeMoveOn wants to contribute to the well-being of citizens and the livability of the city by inaugurating a special support service for emergency management.
During this urgent situation we would like to actively contribute by creating a free app that can effectively connect citizens, volunteers and operators of the territory.
The aim is to make the city more livable, as we want the city to start again and that the most fragile people have a valid tool that can help them. We wish to make our contribution to support the daily lives of people who are most affected by the crisis: the elderly, the disabled, people in quarantine who cannot leave the house and who have difficulties in daily supply, and associations of volunteers who do their utmost to deliver basic necessities to these most needy categories.
Our app is built on an extremely flexible model that makes it adaptive to possible future changes in the social and economic world and also to face different types of emergency situations (not least, extreme climate conditions that affect many parts of the world).

  1. problem: when facing a health pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to avoid infection spread, and they are allowed to go out only to buy food and medicines; but there are particular categories of people that are more fragile as they cannot exit their homes. These "citizens in need" are elderly, people with disabilities or mobility difficulties, infected and quarantined people, people with health issues that are afraid of contracting the disease and worsen their condition. How could they cater food, medicines and in general needy items? Whom can they ask what they need to?
  2. solution: we connect these people directly to suppliers and "distributors" through a solid network, which has a high social impact and value. Our "citizens in need" have a choice of businesses offering home delivery service: they can filter the tags by selecting the product category that they need, and then see the closest solutions; once the best supplier is chosen, users can directly call them to order what they need. A volunteer will deliver their order as soon as possible.

What it does

Our app has three main features:

  • it informs about the existence of businesses that make home deliveries and allows citizens to easily contact them;
  • it offers businesses an order management system and the affiliation to a large network of local operators and volunteers to support the population, in a simple and immediate way;
  • it supports the volunteers who will have a personalized navigator that tells them where to make the delivery in the shortest possible time.

How we built it

This is a progressive web app that is built using php, mysql and wordpress (server side), javascript, react.js, json and bootstrap4 (frontend side), and GIS technology (mapping).
It is available in Italian, soon it will also be available in English, German, Spanish and French.


Given the broad social vocation of the project, numerous positive impacts are expected for all the partners and participating organizations, for the target group ("citizens in need") and other interested parties such as associations and national and European institutions.
Positive impacts will benefit in particular the "citizens in need" as they will have a solidarity network at their service that is ready to help them carry on regular daily life activities by supplying needy items to people that are confined home and cannot exit.
In addition to the numerous positive impacts for all project participants and stakeholders, there will be many lasting benefits at local, regional, national, European and international level given the scope of action in a social field that requires increasing attention from local and international authorities and communities.
The other parties involved, and in particular companies offering delivery service, will be able to gain visibility within the network (hopefully at a European level) and act as a model and best practice for the development of the innovative solution. Companies will finally have an agile tool for effectively meeting supply and demand, which will guarantee better employment and more efficient order management.

Challenges we ran into

We had to change our technology and migrate all the work we had done to a new system from open source tools to licenced pro tools; the main challenge we are facing is developing highly innovative solutions because the technology we use is cutting edge and we have first to learn how to use it proficiently in order to carry out our project to its best.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WeMoveOn has been awarded the following Italian prizes:

  • FactorYmpresa Turismo ("Accessible" challenge) promoted by Invitalia = we were among the ten best solutions
  • GEOSmartcampus promoted by ESRI = we won a three-year access to their business accelerator based on Digital Geography in Italy

WeMoveOn has been mentioned in many news articles on IT and tourism magazines.

What we learned

We completely re-invented our business in just one week when the Covid-19 emergency struck and modified our lives and daily routine. We learned to think out of the box and see what we could do to help people in need, by keeping our technology, which is the core of our startup (mapping and geolocalization), but re-inventing its purpose focusing on this new project we are proud of.

What's next for WeMoveOn

We would like to extend our project including other territories, not only in Italy but also internationally. Our project can grow and become a reference service to help Public Administrations manage crisis situations. WeMoveOn is a valid support to the daily lives of the inhabitants to fully experience the city and better manage critical situations, not only epidemics and health emergencies but also climatic emergencies (such as waves of exceptional tide and weather alert situations): thanks to the dissemination of personalized and real-time information on the mobility of the city, as well as on weather and tide forecasts, citizens can stay up to date on the most suitable methods and times to move and use means of transport and public spaces.

Who we are

Our Team of experts is made up of Venetian professionals who have been working on technological innovation and communication of georeferenced data. In addition to these areas of expertise, the WMO professional team offers supervision and consultancy on IT, GIS technologies, urban planning and notably disability planning for urban areas and transport, advice on the application of Universal Design or Design for All, accessible architectural design, tourism planning, graphic design consultancy, accessible multilingual communication also through social media, new technological solutions. The WMO team involves architects, specialists in disability programs and plans, GIS systems analysts, software and web apps programmers, experts in sustainable tourism, experienced translators proficient in five languages, destination managers and graphic professionals.

Alice Vian: Team Leader and Vice-President; Cultural and Linguistic Mediator with a two-year Master degree in Intercultural Development of Tourism Systems, with particular knowledge on sustainable tourism from the economic, social and cultural point of view; expert in welcoming people with disabilities and specific needs, she has experienced multicultural environments. Translator and Interpreter: Italian native speaker, advanced in English, German, Spanish and French.

Piersilvestro Marrone: Spokesman; GIS expert in the urban and tourism sector (GIS technician and analyst); expert in analysis, management and implementation of urban and tourism data, in creating interactive maps and managing geospatial databases. Specialized in the elimination of architectural barriers with innovative information systems and in the development of new technologies for smart cities.

Mariachiara Guazzieri: Architect expert in urban planning and urban accessibility systems with particular attention to people with mobility, sensory and cognitive disabilities. Specialized as Disability Manager, she aims at disseminating the "Design for All" culture and the application of its principles.

Davide Zaggia: President; web developer and specialist in the field of mobile applications, with accessibility as a matter of heart as he is disabled in a wheelchair who experiences daily accessibility difficulties; passionate about tourism and new technologies to improve the daily lives of others. UX Designer, he has already created accessible websites and accessibility information portals with attention to usability for everyone.

Riccardo Marrone: Graphic Designer who deals with logos, branding and graphics editorial, web and social media content and visual communication. When creating graphic and / or multimedia content, he uses the Design Thinking approach, placing the person at the center of the project: this leads to content that meets the criteria of usability and user experience.

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posted an update

Have you got a longer feedbak for us?
Would you like to contribute to our project?
Please feel free to join our team's public channel on Slack: #t_wemoveon_t86wj6wr1h6e
We are waiting for you! :)

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posted an update

We are still working on our project and we need help:

  • developers
  • people that can use the following programming languages: phpand, mysql, html, React Native, react.js, javascript
  • people that can create web apps
  • people that can work with geospatial data and specifically with softwares as ArcGis Online, ArcGis Server, ArgGis Pro, Web Gis and others
  • people that can help us tuning our business plan (business managers)
  • social media managers
    If you would like to contribute, please contact us :)

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