The story behind our project comes from a belief in what wearables can do better than any other device out there -- seamlessly augmenting day-to-day actions. We started by thinking about the problem of exchanging business cards: what if you could push your information just by shaking hands? The handshake is a regular action you would do anyways, but our application allows even more to happen, at no thought from the user. As we thought more about this idea, we realized that this passive exchanging contact information could be used in our day-to-day lives. Think of those lost opportunities where you meet someone, have to run to class, and never get the chance to follow up with them again. Our app alleviates this problem. Whenever two users of the apps shake hands, their "card" is shared. This card contains a masked email address, name, and image that allows future communication to happen. We think that while this kind of sharing of information is an idea that society is not comfortable with right now, this type of social interaction could happen in the future. Wearables are the technology of the future, and we wanted to build an app that could be of use in that setting.

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